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Welcome to our blog. When my wife and I decided to start this blog we had no idea what we were in for. Well two years later we are still here. Hopefully providing the best source of truthful, reliable information to help you make money on the internet.

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Monday, August 22, 2011

tingago news and reviews-Monday Commentary!

Are you still trying to get that all important traffic to your site? It is probably the singlemost difficult thing you will do as an internet marketer. So your choices are, Do I pay for traffic? Do I use free traffi? Or do I pick up one of the many get rich quick schemes that everybody has. Here is the deal. Paid traffic is great as it does allow you to target your visitors based on your specific niche. How much and how often will of course be based on your needs and yes your pocketbook. There are several ways to get paid traffic. google is a good option to use or you can "google" to find what works best for you. Free traffic is good in that it does provide you with visitors for your stats but I am not so sure it does much for the targeting area. There are some great Free places that you can choose, I have several listed on my blog that I have done pretty well with. You will have to set aside time to "surf" if you use this source. but it is a good alternative to those who are just starting out. As far as the get rich quick ways I do not reccommend using them unless you have money to burn. And if that is the case spend it on something different. Use it to buy quality advertising. Here is a good link to a great source that helps me alot. http://trafficgenerationcafe.com/ Ana knows a lot of the ins and outs on what works and what does not. Ask her she is great at responding. Here is a great link to a great FREE business that you can promote. http://allsolutionsnetwork.com/DS/DS45942 or try this one for under 2 bucks net penny stocks both of these will allow you the versatility to promote for free or however you want.
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