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Welcome to our blog. When my wife and I decided to start this blog we had no idea what we were in for. Well two years later we are still here. Hopefully providing the best source of truthful, reliable information to help you make money on the internet.

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Tina and David
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Thursday, December 15, 2011


I'm probably going to piss a lot of people off with this post. You know who you are. Has the internet really become that bad that the GURUS have become predatory? Oh my God! I get thousands of e-mails a day from different people or should I say different e-mail addresses trying to sell me the same stuff. I said in a post awhile back that you could tell when a new product hits the market, because everyone is trying to sell their 300 copies that are left. WAKE UP PEOPLE! There is so much talk about how the "GURUS" are making all the money, that we can never get into their "inner circle", only a select few will survive, "Our System will generate unlimited targeted traffic and you will make incredible money like never before", if that's the case, then why are they always changing their products? Because they Flat out do not work. Here is something to chew on. WE KEEP BUYING THEIR PRODUCTS, so they keep making more money. We are the reason they keep changing their product. Hey, I am all about buying and selling and making a profit, but come on. THINK PEOPLE! If We were all making the amount of money that these systems "promise" we would not still be here. Nor would they! We wouldn't need to be. If you are willing to spend your HARD EARNED 47 dollars on a "traffic generating system theat guarantees to make you $500,000 in 30 days, then I have a bridge I will sell you for half that and we will go our seperate ways. If you are willing to spend $47 or even $27 on something that probably won't work anyway then I'm guessing that you would like a product that not only costs you nothing, but will make you money, will save you money, and provide some long term residual money that is real. All Solutions Network. If you are willing to put in a little time, do some marketing, and be realistic about how the marketing process works, then this product WILL make you money. I have placed a banner link at the top of this blog that gives some great information about this always FREE system that you should check out. I have also included another banner underneath it for traffic! Free Safelist Mailer will give you about 45,000 people to market to. It is pretty responsive and should do well for you. If you really desire to use this system and work it, I have access to millions of leads that will cost you NOTHING! Send me an e-mail at dswhowww@yahoo.com and I will send you the link.

I really want us all to succeed
Yours in Marketing

Tina and David

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