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Welcome to our blog. When my wife and I decided to start this blog we had no idea what we were in for. Well two years later we are still here. Hopefully providing the best source of truthful, reliable information to help you make money on the internet.

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Sunday, June 26, 2011

If it's free, Why is somebody always trying to charge?

That is my question for today. I get hundreds of e-mails a day for people asking me to sign up for their "free" stuff. Inevitably, when and if I do I have to pay extra to get the "good stuff". I advertise on a lot of safelists because they serve a great purpose so far for my advertising needs. And I do promote a few. But lets be blunt. If it costs money tell us out the gate not after we are frothing with our tongues hanging out at the "possibility" of being the next internet millionaire. If you want to make some money here is a great FREE site that can really get you going in the internet marketing business. http://allsolutionsnetwork.com/DS/DS45942
This ia a great site. that will never cost you a dime, with some really good features and numerous ways to make a decent income. I do not know if it will make us rich but I jumped on board to see what would happen and well....I will let you decide.
http://allsolutionsnetwork.com/DS/DS45942. Throw some comments my way and let me know what you think.


Have an awesome Sunday!

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